The CWR Hall of Fame

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 7.28.12 AM

Jan. 25, 2020 from a Facebook post:  It’s pretty surreal to think that I’m now a member of my high school alma mater’s Hall of Fame. Thank you to all associated with making it such a special night for me and my fellow inductees, plus a big shout out to my friends and colleagues who braved the lousy weather Friday night to be there and represented those who were unable to attend. Having my son, my mom, and my sister there made it extra memorable. This is truly a night I’ll never forget.


Sept. 16, 2019 from a Facebook post:  I consider my high school alma mater sacred ground. Many people there shaped me to become who I am today. For them to bestow their highest honor upon me truly renders me speechless. There may have even been a tear or two shed when I received this letter (above) from the current athletic director. If any of my former classmates, players I coached, fellow coaches and teachers, or friends are able to stop by for the ceremony in January, it would mean the world to me.

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