Top 9 of 2018


It’s time for my #Top9Of2018! Lots of travel (4 countries and 13 states) and volleyball this year (no surprise)! Here’s the rundown: (1) Found a 2007 Ford Escape with only 55,000 miles on it…love it! Murphy got his license and his own car as well this year! (2) Spring Break in Athens, Greece. (3) Murphy earned membership in the National Honor Society! (4) Line judged my first international match – USA Women vs. Turkey. (5) I won HQ Trivia!! (6) I am now a published author with an article on line judging in Referee magazine (Robyn Buck‘s photo was attached to the article…awesome!) (7) Murphy and I spent a week in Dubai including some scuba diving among many other activities. (8) Thanksgiving was spent in Puerto Vallarta. (9) Awesome opportunities to line judge all the way to the NCAA Elite Eight and to speak at the PAVO officials convention!

All of this was in addition to my teaching job that I love in a school I’m proud of with fantastic colleagues I get to work with every day. I count my lucky stars regularly knowing that I have a life that I’m extremely fortunate to have. I hope and pray that your 2018 was terrific and that 2019 will take it up a notch or more!

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