I won HQ Trivia!


HQ Trivia is a game show app where people can win real money by answering trivia questions.  If you answer all 12 questions correctly, you win or split the total prize money for that day with all the others who got all the questions right.  Usually, the pot is about $5,000 for each game, therefore, if 2,500 people won, each person wins $2.00.  So, most of the time, it’s not a big deal other than to say that you actually won.

Occasionally, they will have higher dollar amount games, if they have a sponsor.  On June 8, 2018, they had their highest prize ever of $400,000 to coincide with Game 4 of the NBA Finals between Cleveland and Golden State.

I have never reached Question 10 before, but I managed to run the table and won for the first time on that night.  My piece of the $400,000 pie, shared with the other 2,477 winners, turned out to be $161.42.  I picked a really good night to win HQ Trivia!

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