Top 9 of 2017


Well, it’s time to pick my #Top9of2017! I experienced some once in a lifetime events and met a lot of great people along the way this year.

1) The headline story for me this year was my 35 pound weight loss!
2) Murphy and I hosted French foreign exchange student Jean da Dalto Tournaille for 3 weeks last spring.
3) I went to Los Angeles for a weekend in May and met gold medal volleyball player and broadcaster Chris Marlowe at a pro beach tournament.
4) My usual trek to Portland and the World Domination Summit in July is always a highlight.
5) What a fantastic chance for me, Murphy, and my mom to spend time together in her native Okinawa, Japan!
6) The eclipse. ‘Nuff said.
7) Checked “U2 concert” off the bucket list with Phillip Gegen and M Iss Mariss.
8) Was invited by USA Volleyball to Colorado Springs, CO to announce the Norceca men’s volleyball tournament and learned a ton from stud broadcaster Rob Espero!!
9) No biggie…it’s just me and Kerri Walsh Jennings at the NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship in Kansas City.

There were a few more I could have put in, but I could only pick nine! I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunities in life that I have. My job and co-workers are the best, I have my health, and I’m so proud to have an outstanding son!

How can 2018 be any better than that?  #StayTuned

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