A fun Friday the 13th

LONG POST ALERT: It’s been quite a week here…these photos are in chronological order. Last Sunday, Murphy started running a fever and Chester began his 3rd week without eating. Chester had made several visits to the vet in that time, but even with blood tests and x-rays they were unable to determine what was wrong.

So, the vet ran out of options and recommended that Chester see a specialist where they had fancier equipment to determine what the problem was. So, he had an ultrasound and the specialist discovered a blockage that the x-ray couldn’t see. The next step was to operate and get out whatever the blockage was.

A couple months ago, I put a carpet remnant in Chester’s kennel to make him more comfortable, but apparently he had been eating the carpet fibers from it. The surgeon pulled out hundreds of those fibers from his small intestine that he ate! No wonder he stopped eating.

In the meantime, Murphy’s temperature fluctuated during the week. He missed school one day, but went on other days where he was fine in the morning, but then his fever spiked in the afternoon. We went to see the doctor Thursday, and discovered he has pneumonia!

So, the bottom line is now both of them are back home resting and prepared for a boring weekend! #HappyFridayThe13th

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