There’s not much in this section…yet.  But I’m working on a demo reel and trying out for some gigs.

I love public address announcing at sporting events and have done that for a number of years, so I’ve got a lot of experience using my voice to enhance events in front of thousands of spectators in big venues.  I’ve also been the behind the scenes “Voice of God” at awards presentations and school assemblies.  But, in voice acting and voice over, I’m exploring using my voice in a different, more controlled way to elicit emotions and tell stories.

I have done voice over for the Heart of America region of USA Volleyball on some of their webinar series for Club Directors and Tournament Directors. 

Even though I’m early in my voice acting and voice over career, if you believe my voice would be right for your e-learning webinar, commercial, or to emcee your awards presentation, get a hold of me by email so I can put together a quote for you!

My current coach in voice over is Alyson Steel based in Los Angeles, CA