Here are the things that have gotten my attention lately:

June 2018:  I’m reading My Morning Routine by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander.  It’s the book version of the website by the same name.  See my post on morning routines and why I believe they are so important.

April 2018:  I read Crash Test Girl by Kari Byron.  I thought she was awesome on Mythbusters and have been reading her posts on social media.  Her book is insightful and she tells her story in the context of the scientific method.  Question.  Hypothesize.  Experiment.  Analyze.  Conclude.  Roll with the punches.  The book made total sense to me.

March 2018:  I ordered a copy of a book coming out in the fall:  The Last Days of Letterman, that tells the story of the final six weeks of the Late Show with David Letterman.  Those of you who know me well know about my obsession with Dave.

March 2018:  Lewis Howes has grown on me.  I saw him speak in 2015 at the World Domination Summit and, at the time, I was underwhelmed.  He keeps popping up on social media, and I’ve been ignoring him, but I’ve given him another chance.  He has a great podcast called The School of Greatness (titled after his first book), and I read his last two books, The Mask of Masculinity (my notes), and The Millionaire Morning, and I now like his upbeat message.  Maybe his story didn’t resonate with me until now.