For those of you who have been selected to work MSHSAA post-season volleyball, way to go!  David Thompson and Don Gard have the list of those working districts, but we don’t know everyone who is working sectionals and state.  MSHSAA has already made those assignments as well.  So, please email ken.corum@nkcschools.org or prodaveref@comcast.net if you have been selected for sectionals and/or state!



Believe it or not, we’re down to the last few weeks of the season!  This is a good time to triple check your blocked dates in Arbiter and make sure your availability is up to date.  If you are able to work on a date that was previously blocked, there’s always a chance that there is a cancellation where you could pick up an additional assignment!



As we get to the last part of the season, we are beginning to see schools have their senior nights at the varsity level.  When you arrive to the gym, make sure to communicate with host management and coaches to make sure everybody is on the same page about whether it is senior night and exactly when the recognitions will occur.



In the next couple of Sunday Newsletters, we will be going over some MSHSAA post-season protocols, procedures to submit your ideas for NFHS and MSHSAA rule changes, and opportunities to provide feedback to GKCOA about how we’re doing as an association.  Be sure to think about these items ahead of time so the process to submit them will occur in a more timely fashion.



  1.  A1 hit the ball toward the sideline and A2 reached out to save the ball.  With her back to the R1 she got the ball into the air high enough so that A3 could hit it over the net.  After the rally, team A got the point.  At that time team B’s coach stood up and said that when A2 saved the ball it was actually a double hit because it went from her hands to her chin and then into the air.  The R1 could not see either hit because A2’s back was to her.  The R2 was on the opposite side of the net and was blocked out by the pole.  Since neither official saw the hits, team A was awarded the point.  Was there anyone else we could have asked for help?  I know that line judges can help with pancakes.  Can they also help with ball handling situations? ANSWER:Good question.  The short answer is that the line judges cannot help with ball handling.  So, that means the R1 and R2 need to be able to see all ball handling possibilities.  The ideal scenario here would be that if you pre-matched that the R2 was going to be able to judge ball handing on plays where the R1 could not see (i.e.: if the player’s back is to the R1 like in this situation), the R2 needs to be in position to see such plays.  In this case, the R2 needs to try to get into a position where they can see the play and not get blocked by the pole.  Since you have no evidence in this case to overturn your original call, the play stands.
  2. During a tournament, when warm-ups are shortened, (many tournaments go to a 5 or 6 minute warm-up after all teams have played their first match) is it okay for the teams to serve together? i.e: can a 5 minute warm-up be 2-2-1, the 1 being serving together or does it have to be 2:30-2:30? I’ve seen it done both ways, many times we let the coaches decide. Just wondering if there is an actual protocol to follow?  ANSWER FROM DAVINE DAVIS AT MSHSAA:  There really isn’t a protocol for warm-ups once we get to this point.  I would leave it as a local school/host management issue.  My only concern with the serving together is players getting ‘dinged’ by volleyballs flying around.  This is due to the safety of the players during warm-ups which has now become the focus of the NFHS Volleyball Rules Committee and the NFHS Sports Medicine Committee.  It is probably something the volleyball advisory committee should discuss in November.
  3. A couple of us have seen this happen this year: The team (sometimes serving, sometimes receiving) has the libero run onto the court, but the player she is replacing delays in leaving the court (or vice versa, the replacement runs on and the libero doesn’t leave).  Suddenly, there are seven players on the court. The coach is yelling for someone to get off the court. The whistle blows for serve and a player (libero or other) runs off the court. Out of rotation or delay of game? Our consensus was out of rotation, point to other team. Side out if this happened to the serving team. And incidentally, shouldn’t an alert R1 be watching for this before whistling for serve?  ANSWER:  The technical answer is that it would be illegal alignment since the service beckon had already occurred.   BUT, the last part of your question is key.  From a match management standpoint, the referees and libero tracker should all be aware of who is on the court before the service beckon, and the situation should have never reached that point to begin with.


That’s all I had submitted this week, so there’s nothing here that warranted the creation of an online video meeting.  Stay tuned, though, we may have a video before the end of the season…keep submitting your ideas and questions!  Keep up the great work!