I value education tremendously.  I value it so much that I have earned the highest degree in my field.  Below is the work that led to a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Saint Louis University in 2011.  The way the degree program worked at SLU was that we wrote the dissertation and defended it to a committee with a partner, but we graduated individually by writing a stand-alone reflection paper.  My partner was Dr. Todd Schuetz, currently the superintendent of schools in the Smithville (MO) School District.

Our dissertation:  An Analysis Of A High Performing School District’s Culture

My individual reflection paper:  Individual Analysis Report


My Master of Arts degree is from Emporia State University in Secondary Administration and Leadership was awarded in 2002.

My Bachelor of Arts degree is from Cornell College in Secondary Education and Physical Education was awarded in 1997.

I graduated with honors from George Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, IA in 1992.