This was originally webcast live on Wed., Aug. 25, 2021 from Winnetonka High School in Kansas City, MO as a high school volleyball referee training video conducted by the Greater Kansas City Officials Association.

Our referees were veterans in the GKCOA, Keri Peterson and Eric Worsham. The commentators were Ken Corum (GKCOA Vice President for Volleyball), Dixie Wescott (MSHSAA rules interpreter), and Don Sleet (MSHSAA mechanics interpreter and observer).

We owe a tremendous debt to Winnetonka journalism teacher Dr. Jason Callaway and his student crew from N2 Sports who actually did all the heavy lifting of getting this webcast on the air. We have not edited the original broadcast, so all of the awkward transitions are still on the video.

Our goal with this broadcast was to educate new and veteran referees on tips and techniques to improve the quality of high school officiating in the area using rules from the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and from the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA).

This was far from a polished broadcast, but we tried to address as many situations that arose during the matches, plus we can some hopefully helpful tips and tricks for each position on the court. We know we missed some plays, or we may have misspoke, so if that happened, kindly let us know and we’ll make sure we get it right. This video was designed to be a learning experience for everyone involved and not to be critical of the referees’ performance.

I plan on adding timestamps of some of the more notable calls and situations later, but this should get you started. Also, the sound quality varies throughout because our microphones were malfunctioning, and we were also wearing masks during the broadcast.

If you comment or ask questions below, we will try to periodically respond. We hope this was beneficial for you as a viewer! If you want to email Ken with comments or questions, his email is ken.corum@nkcschools.org.

Here is the raw video of the 2021 GKCOA Volleyball Jamboree Webcast. Unfortunately, there was an outage part of the way through the second match, so the video is in two parts:

PART I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc5iPwDQevk

38:06 – Beginning of the broadcast

42:07 – Captains/coaches meeting and coin toss

44:37 – R2/scorer’s table pre-match meeting

46:19 – R1/line judges pre-match meeting

1:05:40 – Winnetonka/Oak Park match begins – focus on R1 techniques

1:42:35 – Winnetonka/North Kansas City match begins – focus on R2 techniques

1:52:29 – Part I ends in set 1 with the score 19-19

PART II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vhxxov1uTY

26:15 – Winnetonka/Staley – focus on advanced techniques and overlaps

55:58 – Post-match debrief