The GKCOA leadership team has been thrilled with the turnout for our first two meetings.  We are proud that so many officials are wanting to improve.  Thank you for your support!  Hopefully the high attendance means that we are providing information that you actually want to hear and is helping you get better!  Great job!!


If you missed the meeting on Aug. 11, we have it archived on video on Facebook Live!  Click this link to access it!



Even though we didn’t talk about it during the on court scrimmage tonight, I do want to make sure we have an emphasis point on ball handling.  We will have a number of videos and philosophical discussion about it at the meeting on Aug. 25.  I will post videos in next Sunday’s newsletter, and I will ask you to vote on whether or not you would have whistled illegal contact or not.  Then, I’ll bring the results to the meeting on Aug. 25 for further discussion.

Remember, I asked you to look at the pages in the Rules Book (pp. 53) and Case Book (pp. 98-103) regarding ball handling and to think about whether being a ball watcher or player watcher is more helpful in being more consistent about calling ball handling.



We had a question come up in the new officials portion of the meeting regarding seeing what an illegal set by a libero looks like.  Anytime a libero is on or in front of the 10-foot line and uses finger action to set an attacker and then attacker completes the attack while the ball is above the height of the net, that is illegal.  We demonstrated what that looked like during the on court demonstration, but here’s a video of another potentially illegal situation.  The libero uses finger action on the first ball while in front of the 10-foot line, then the setter dumps the second ball.  If that ball was completely above the height of the net, that would also be illegal.  It doesn’t have to be a second and a third ball for it to be illegal.



Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 4.41.06 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-03 at 4.41.18 PM

Questions have been raised about the legality of arm sleeves.  They have been deemed to pose no advantage by NFHS, therefore all arm sleeves are legal.



Here are some examples of what concussion headbands look like.  Again, these are only to be worn when the team can produce a letter of approval from MSHSAA.



  1. Keep checking your Arbiter account daily for any new assignments and changes.
  2. Contact school five days in advance to confirm assignments.
  3. Check your blocked dates.  If you become available on a date you previously blocked, contact David and/or Don immediately!



Here is a list of jamborees beginning in just over a week from now.  If you want to observe, please contact the host school and get on their pass list.  When you arrive, make sure to make contact with the referees, sit near the scorer’s table, and ask questions during the evening.  Some schools may even need line judges, so you may be able to actually jump in a work a little bit as well.

Wed., Aug. 21 – 5:30pm at Lee’s Summit

Thurs., Aug. 22 – 4:30pm at Raytown South

Fri., Aug. 23 – 4:30pm at Cristo Rey

Fri., Aug. 23 – 5:00pm at Raytown

Sat., Aug. 24 – 10:00am at Cameron

Mon., Aug. 26 – 5:00pm at Center

Mon., Aug. 26 – 5:30pm at Sherwood

Mon., Aug. 26 – 6:00pm at Smithville

Mon., Aug. 26 – 6:00pm at Excelsior Springs

Mon., Aug. 26 – 6:30pm at Missouri Western in St. Joseph

Tues., Aug. 27 – 5:00pm at Lee’s Summit West

Tues., Aug. 27 – 6:00pm at Staley (webcast by GKCOA – details TBA)

Tues., Aug. 27 – 6:00pm at William Chrisman

Wed., Aug. 28 – 4:00pm at Lexington



Make sure you attend the first MSHSAA mechanics clinic of the year on Sat., Aug. 17 from 9:45am-1:30pm at Lee’s Summit North.  Make sure you are dressed in uniform and ready to work and learn!



Q: Player has not been within the boundaries when serve has been beckoned. This occurs 5 times. Other teams head coach has asked why she is being allowed to start her serve from that location but gets no response. She sends her captain over and gets no reply. Finally, the ref asks her to stand in bounds but no explanation is given to the coach as to why it was allowed previously and not addressed. How should a ref address this and/or correct the issue?

A: (From Ken Corum)  It’s hard to tell if a referee is asking this question, or if a coach has infiltrated the Dropbox, but I guess I’ll answer it this way.  Rule 8-1-2 states that the server must serve from with the serving area at the instant the ball in contacted for serve.  So, if the server begins her serving motion outside the boundary (hash mark) at the beckon, but completes the serve from inside the boundary (I believe that is the scenario presented here), that is legal.

With regards to the referees not acknowledging the captain or coach, that’s where the second referee should be stepping in to acknowledge the coach’s question, and the first referee should acknowledge the captain’s question.  Those are the methods outlined in the Rules Book and Case Book for a team to ask questions, so the referees need to provide some sort of response.  It would generally not be acceptable for referees to provide no explanations or ignore the coach and/or captain.

If you have situations or questions, click here and put them in the GKCOA dropbox and we’ll answer them in the newsletter or at a future meeting!



Sun., Aug. 25 – 3:30-4:30pm for new officials, 4:30-6:00pm for all officials at Winnetonka (exact location TBA)